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Life stage transition

Grappling with life stage transition difficulties?

How therapy and counselling can help negotiate a life stage transition

Mid-life is not the only life stage transition crisis we feel. In fact, many of us experience a crisis of sorts at all the crucial junctures in our lives, even good ones. For example :

  • leaving school or university
  • encountering our sexuality
  • leaving home or moving away
  • getting married or starting a family
  • moving house
  • retirement
  • illness
  • loss of a loved one

When we experience a significant change, a life stage transition,  it unsettles us. What we knew about life, the tried and true, is no longer the same. Each crisis or juncture we often find ourselves questioning who we are, our values, our friends, and have to grapple with the chances that each may have shifted, some for the good and some more difficult to bear.

The ability to cope with a life stage transition relies strongly on the resources that we have, those inside of us, and those that come from friends and family. Sometimes we need someone from outside of our everyday lives to help us view things more objectively and with whom we can work through some of the more difficult aspects of change.

Psychotherapy offers a safe space in which to do this.

To find out more, you can call me on 07939 643 382, or click here to email me to schedule an appointment in a safe and confidential setting.

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