Getting support with the transition when relocating to the UK
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Relocating to the UK?

How therapy can help you to adjust when relocating to the UK

Moving to a new country can be exciting. There are new foods to taste, a new city to explore and new friends just waiting to be made. Whether the move is long or short term, motivated by a job, or love, or even to get away from a bad experience, the opportunities that relocating offer can be life changing. That said, whatever the reason for the move, relocating to the UK could be one of your more stressful life events.

For people who are open to new experiences and who thrive upon meeting new people with the stimulation this often brings, a transition to a new home will be an easier one.

If, however, you find change harder to adjust to, or have left behind any “unfinished business”, you may struggle to feel that your new country is home and therapy could help you.

How would I know if I need help adjusting to my new home?

If you answer yes to 3 or more items below, you may find that therapy can be useful.

  • you find yourself feeling lost more often than not
  • your daily activities feel more stressful than in the past
  • you feel angry, depressed or anxious
  • you struggle to relate to your family back home, or your family in your new country
  • you worry more than usual
  • you feel lonely and isolated

So, if you have expatriated to the UK and you find it overwhelming, my counselling & therapy services can help you.

What’s the next step?

I understand that taking the first step might be difficult but if you are looking for support to adjust in London, there’s no harm getting in touch. Call 07939 643 382 to schedule an appointment in a safe and confidential setting or send a message by clicking here.

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