The Comfort of the Familiar in these Corona Times - JS Psychotherapy
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The Comfort of the Familiar in these Corona Times

The Comfort of the Familiar in these Corona Times


This is the mug that I keep in my psychotherapy consulting room, the space where I am most reflective and still.

Its my favourite and no matter the drink, each sip tastes more serene when taken from this mug.

Having worked exclusively online from home over the last 2 months, I missed my office mug.

And so, under cover of the night, I made a stealth visit to my Shoreditch office to retrieve it.
Ahhhh…all is right again in the world!

What is it about having our stuff to hand that makes everything seem ok?

Our beloved objects make us feel safe, offering us continuity, predictability, and a sense of agency. When we connect with the familiar, we feel soothed. It helps us to feel like that whatever situation we are in carries a thread of continuity between what came before, where we are now and what lies ahead. It helps us feel like we have some control.

As we emerge from lockdown, we encounter a world that may seem familiar and yet different.
Let’s look for our “security blankets” those things that ground us, binding us to who we were in the Before, reminding us that while a lot may have changed, there is a thread of continuity that affirms that we are fundamentally the same and the world is, too.

We knew how to live
We know how to thrive
We can and we will in the future.

I’m here to help you in these difficult times. Book an online psychotherapy appointment by sending me a message.

I look forward to meeting you.

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