Feeling Anxious
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Feeling Anxious

Feeling Anxious?

How therapy and counselling can help manage anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people seek therapy. It is perfectly normal to feel some worry and sadness about life at times. However, when the sadness and worry begin to get in the way of living your life then psychotherapy can help you.

For many people who struggle with feelings of anxiety, attachment theory can trace these back to a root cause of early difficulties with relationships.

As an attachment-based psychotherapy practitioner, my focus is on creating a space that feels safe enough for you to explore these core feelings within a relationship that offers security and consistency.

‘‘In most forms of depressive disorder,…the principal issue about which a person feels helpless is his ability to make and maintain affectional relationships. The feeling of being helpless…can be attributed, I believe, to the experiences he has had in his family of origin’’ (John Bowlby, Father of Attachment Theory, 1980, p. 247)

To find out more, you can call me on 020 7300 7243, or click here to email me to schedule an appointment in a safe and confidential setting.

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