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Voldemort - He Who Shall Not be Named

Voldemort – He Who Shall Not be Named

JK Rowling knew well the power of naming the unspeakable. For in silence and secrecy, fear and its kin flourish. Naming the horrors demystifies them. When something is held up to the light, when you shake off the shrouds of secrecy and fear, you become more powerful than it. You turn the dreaded and feared into an aspect of your life that no longer controls you.

harry potter vs voldemort

Through speaking the thing, Harry reduced Voldemort’s power – he became his equal and the only one who could square up to him and ultimately vanquish him. By naming something that might feel so terrible or shameful in our own lives and pasts, we can begin to become free.

If you are looking to name some of the ghosts in your life, I can offer you a confidential, non-judgmental space to explore. Call me at 07939 643 382 for a quick chat to see if we click.


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