Whose voice sabotages your goals? - JS Psychotherapy
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Whose voice sabotages your goals?

sabotages your goals

Sabotage! ‘Tis the season of Good Intentions … followed unfortunately by the season of Failed Resolutions. How do we stay focussed on our goals without giving up halfway?

For every good intention/goal, there’s a counter-voice, a quiet, whispered, naysaying voice. It’s the voice of your inner critic, your outside saboteur. It’s the voice of what or whom you lose if you achieve your goal. Instead of silencing that voice, ask yourself, “how will I, or the people around me, be negatively impacted if I am successful?”

If Santa is skinny, does he see disappointment in the eyes of people who look forward to seeing a jolly, overweight man? If you become successful, will you less accomplished family members think you’ve risen above yourself? Take a moment to ask yourself, what is the cost of me achieving my goal?

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