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Struggling with sexuality

Struggling with sexuality?

How therapy and counselling can help you address your struggles with sexuality

If you are struggling with your sexuality, it can be an isolating, anxious time. Many will fight against acknowledging the growing attraction to members of the same sex, denying them to his or herself and diving into lots of casual sex to prove straightness.

Its easy to get stuck at the denial stage, going from lover to lover, or entering into a heterosexual partnership or even abstaining from sex to cut off any sexual arousal at all. However, this often leaves a gnawing dissatisfaction and feelings of inauthenticity at best, stepping stones on the road to depression or even suicide in many instances.

Psychotherapy, if you are struggling to accept your sexuality, no matter what your age, can help you to work through your feelings about sexual identity. Whatever the mainstream looks like, your sexuality is part of you, is there to be loved and embraced, and that there is a place in the world where you can be you.

Part of the work of psychotherapy is to help you get in touch with some of the anger you might feel at the world for telling you that who you are is wrong, bad or sinful, and move towards celebrating who you are.

For many, the ultimate goal of psychotherapy is to get to a place where you no longer feeling defined by your sexuality, but rather by what you contribute to the world – what you do – be it a parent, a professional, a politician or an activist.

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