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The Sacred 49th Minute of Therapy

As the session wraps up and the client starts to gather his or her bag and coat, that’s when the casual bombshell is dropped. Right then in that 49th minute. “I found out yesterday that it’s terminal,” or “my mum died this morning” or “this is my last therapy session”.

I’ve come to view the 49th minute as a sacred moment and listen out for that something that felt too big to express earlier. When something feels that big, giving it space might feel overwhelming. Whereas, giving it just a minute of air space may feel like a way of managing or containing the pain. It’s also a way of making the issue feel less real.

I’ve come to view the sacred 49th and final minute of the session as the introduction to the next therapy session. It is the client entrusting me with something too big for them to hold onto alone and asking me to honour it till we meet again. Except of course when the client wants to leave therapy. That’s the subject of another post.

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