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difficulties with relationships

Having difficulties with significant relationships?

How Counselling and Therapy helps manage relationship difficulties

Relationships play a big and small part of all our lives. We bring our own style of relating to all whom we meet, whether our partners, family and friends, or the person at the cash register. For someone who, for example, struggles to feel heard, this struggle will play out similarly when at the local supermarket checkout if someone pushes ahead in the queue or if one feels trampled on by a parent, overlooked by a boss, or dismissed by a partner. How we are in relationships is fairly consistent, so although these differing scenarios may carry varying intensities and significance, the same feelings of powerlessness, frustration and invisibility will be felt.

Attachment therapy looks at the common core feelings that underlie our relational styles. As an attachment therapist, I seek to help you find repetitive patterns in how you feel and react to interpersonal relationships. Together, we will try to understand what happens for you when you are in relationship, and the role that these established patterns may have play in your “emotional template”. This may mean looking back to your early formative relationships to gain some understanding of how these patterns started to form. We will also look at what happens in our own relationship as client and therapist, as a here and now opportunity to observe and work through some of the emerging relational difficulties.

My focus when working with relationship difficulties, is on looking at what the individual brings to relationships, and currently am not taking on couples as clients.

If you find that you are experiencing interpersonal difficulties and would like to address them in a meaningful way within a safe setting, you can call me on 07939 643382, or click here to email me to schedule an appointment in a safe and confidential setting.

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